I'm on the bed playing MarioKart on Ninentdo DS. Andrew's playing a "run around and kill aliens" game on his PS3.
Andrew: NO!
Me: What happened?
Andrew: I held on to a hand granade for a bit too long...

Kai: So many weird weather things have happened lately haven't they?!
Elliot: Yeah and all the riots and stuff going on as well.. Get ready for 2012!
Kai: Oh yeah, they say the world is gonna end then don't they?
Me: Fucking better not, I've got plans!

Me: "What's my biggest flaw?"
Andrew: "Your face."

Me: "Look! A fat bitch!"
Andrew: "That's not a fat bitch, that's a bouncy castle!"
Andrew: "I can't believe you ate two burgers."
Me: "It was just an extra cheeseburger!" 
A couple of minutes later, walking out of Mac Donald's; 
Me: "Ah I feel gross."
Andrew: "Do you know the difference between feeling gross and being gross?" 
Me: "What?" 
Andrew: "A cheeseburger."

Me: "Our music teacher taught us." 
Andrew: "You're a musical tortoise?!"

Andrew: "If being an idiot was a bag of skittles, you ate most of them."

Andrew: "Things aren't supposed to go in your ears. That's why they're all.. Eary."

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