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Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air!

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Jag gick nyss med i en grupp som heter: "You know you live in a student house when..." och jag tänkte att jag skulle markera allt med tjock text som jag själv kan relatera till och allt som är i tjockt med kursivt är det som jag stött på i andras hus här borta i La Pomp. Tycker det är ganska skoj hur mycket det är som stämmer!!!

1. You are so lazy you call or text your housemate even when they are in the room next to you

2. There will always be fast food remains scattering the house after a night out and stays there untouched for the next month

3. The recycling bin (bottles and cans) will always fill up twice as fast as regular waste!

4. House will only ever be tidy when one or more housemates are trying to put off doing work/revision

5. Washing up will only be done when the build up has got so bad that it is a public health risk,

6. And then... only half of it will be cleaned, and the other half will be thrown away due to the congealed food being too disgusting to clean

7. To save money on heating bills, the house will be so cold that ski wear will be worn around the house on a daily basis

8. Supernoodles become acceptable as a healthy balanced dinner and so everyones cupboards are well stocked with them

9. you always throw half your bread away once you realise 'shit' mould, again

10. suddenly hollyoaks, corrie, eastenders, corrie on a monday is so important

11. having 50 varieties of cereal on your work surface.

12. planning an outfit for a week and then finding it covered in mould at the back of the wardrobe

13. potatoes growing sprouts...enough said

14. when cheddar becomes blue

15. alcohol consumption-never needs to be a reason to drink

16. getting ready in the dark when all lightbulbs have blown-and being too lazy to buy new ones

17. watering down washing up liquid

18. At least 80% of the food in the house is economy brand

19. buying toilet roll should have a rota

20. when you no longer need a plug in the shower as the hair blocking it does the job

21. Tables are covered in every type of take out menu which have all been sampled at least once

22. Music blaring from at least one room 24 hours a day

23. The hoover, althought only used once or twice in a whole year, has never been clearned out

24. sitting in the front room and watching your housemate's one night stand 'sneak out' in the morning

25. there being one housemate ALWAYS working...blatent architecture, fashion or graphics

26. theres always one housemate who either doesnt fit in, wasn't as much fun as you thought in first year, or is just weird (and how every house has one???)

27. freezer food is always fully stocked

28. the internet being so so slow and then finding out someone is downlooading the entire series of 'lost'

29. ketchup is treated like gold dust

30. Bringing everyone back to your house at 4am, then realising you don't actually know any of them

31. Coming downstairs, seeing a randomer passed out on the couch and not batting an eyelid

32. seeing a passed out friend and drawing on their face (normally a penis)

33. Knowing your housemate is having sex from hearing the bed springs is acceptable... hearing their noises is not

34. There always being an OCD neat freak who pisses everyone off
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